silly jilly designs
personalized stationery with heart
My name is Jillian Pecoriello and I'm currently a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis. I've loved drawing since I was little and have been drawing some form of the characters that you see in Silly Jilly Designs for years. These characters were even the theme for my bat mitzvah.

Since I enjoy drawing these characters so much, I wanted to somehow use these characters to make a difference. I went to sleep away camp for five years and knew what a privilege it was to go. Each time that someone purchases one of these note cards, all of the profits go to the organization, Project Morry. Project Morry provides children from disadvantaged communities with year round support, the highlight being a superb residential summer camp experience. 

These note cards are all made to order and each character is unique. The cards are as personalized as putting your name on it, your camp name, having the character with your hair color, your hair type and each card is made with your own color choice and design.

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